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Jan 04

Which historical figure is a hero to you? Why?

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  1. Miss Roberts
    2:01 pm - 1-4-2016

    Amelia Earhart had a great sense of exploration and adventure.

    • emma
      8:00 pm - 2-5-2016

      She disappeared over the Atlantic ocean whist she flew a plane!!!!

  2. Mrs Martyn
    2:13 pm - 1-4-2016

    That’s a challenging question as there are so many fantastic people! Since I love reading, I would have to say Roald Dahl because as a child, I loved the fantastic worlds he took me to in his books. Do you have a favourite book of his?

    • foxes
      2:16 pm - 1-4-2016

      I used to love ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ as a child as it created such a vivid picture in my mind.

    • Isobel
      3:04 pm - 4-30-2016

      I like charlie and the chocolate factory!

  3. onni
    4:00 pm - 1-15-2016

    I like our drawings and they all look good.

  4. shekina
    6:46 pm - 1-17-2016

    well done foxes. I love Alexander Graham Bell because without him you would not be able to contact people you know in other countries.

  5. Emma
    6:55 am - 1-20-2016

    I loved the drawing, it was the best topic!!!!

  6. emma
    8:22 pm - 2-3-2016

    I liked the topic of villains.

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