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Jan 12


In class we looked at the heroes and villains in the story ‘101 Dalmatians’ by Dodie Smith. We then used a tutorial to help us draw Pongo and the puppies! We were very impressed with the results!

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  1. Mason
    4:15 pm - 1-19-2016

    This is lovely art work! Well done to Foxes! It was hard work, but we nailed it!

  2. Emma
    6:59 am - 1-20-2016

    I loved the drawings they were AMAZING!!!

  3. sammy
    5:23 pm - 1-21-2016

    Mind blowing pieces of artwork!!! How did you draw it so well?

  4. Isabelle
    8:43 pm - 1-21-2016

    Well done, I think we did brilliantly today.

  5. Adelaide
    7:20 am - 1-22-2016

    I think we did really well on this task it was super fun and they are all FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  6. Ava
    11:13 am - 1-23-2016

    I really enjoyed doing this task, all the drawings were fantastic, can we do this again please??

  7. zach
    4:27 pm - 1-28-2016

    I think this task was EXCELLENT!!!
    I think we’re all artists.

  8. zach
    4:30 pm - 1-28-2016

    Dear Mrs Pinnington
    Do you know why my post above looks like that as I didn’t put gaps in and I cannot delete or amend it? And it has posted it twice. Thanks. Zach.

  9. foxes
    9:12 pm - 2-1-2016

    I have now amended your post for you Zach. 🙂

  10. foxes
    9:13 pm - 2-1-2016

    Ava, we will definitely plan some more art lessons where we can develop our drawing skills. You get better and better each time we try.

  11. sadie
    11:16 am - 2-7-2016

    These are great foxes!

  12. Sebastian
    9:18 am - 2-15-2016

    I think Foxes did really well on this task!!!

  13. Ava
    7:46 pm - 2-15-2016

    They are really good and Max yours was very very good.

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