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Jan 12

Cruella De Vil

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Cruella De Vil is the villain in ‘101 dalmatians’. We used the Morpho app to explore her thoughts and feelings.

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  1. Miss Roberts
    8:27 am - 1-13-2016

    Excellent. I can clearly hear which chapter of the book you are referring to.
    How do Cruella’s feelings change at the end of the story?

  2. millie
    7:07 pm - 1-15-2016

    This was a challenge but we nailed it!

  3. Adelaide
    7:18 am - 1-22-2016

    She probably feels quite hopeless. I think we did really well on this task and we worked together.

  4. Henry
    5:58 pm - 2-1-2016

    Wow we were excellent on this task!!

  5. Ava
    9:09 am - 2-7-2016

    I thought Adelaide’s speech was FABULOUS!!!

  6. sadie
    11:17 am - 2-7-2016

    Morpho is a great app, can we do it again please?

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