We are all different but there's something fantastic about that, isn't there?

Jan 12

We used the internet to research heroes through history. We then decided what made them heroes and published this through the app Picolage.





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  1. Mrs Pinnington
    3:11 pm - 1-14-2016

    I was really impressed with your research and your explanations to why you chose your hero.

    Do you have any other heroes? Why are they your heroes?

    • millie
      6:26 pm - 1-21-2016

      My hero is my family because they care for me and help me through the tricky stuff. Who helps you through stuff?

  2. millie
    7:05 pm - 1-15-2016

    I think that all of our class had done very well on this task.

  3. Natalie
    2:46 pm - 1-19-2016

    Foxes have done really well with picolage. Could we please use this again? My heroes are my mum and dad because they look after me and do everything for me.

  4. Emma
    4:29 pm - 1-21-2016

    I liked how we were allowed to design it!!!!!!

  5. Isabelle
    8:46 pm - 1-21-2016

    Well done guys, I think these AMAZING!

  6. Adelaide
    7:12 am - 1-22-2016

    My hero is Daisy Meadows because she writes my favourite books. Do you have a hero that writes books???

  7. Adelaide
    7:12 am - 1-22-2016

    I think our work was really good!!!

  8. foxes
    9:18 pm - 2-1-2016

    Millie, I agree family are amazing!

  9. foxes
    9:18 pm - 2-1-2016

    Natalie, we will definitely use picolage again. You all picked it up really quickly!

  10. foxes
    9:19 pm - 2-1-2016

    Adelaide, I always loved Roald Dahl books from a very young age. My favourite was Fantastic Mr Fox.

  11. sadie
    11:18 am - 2-7-2016

    My picollage is on there and Natalie’s.

  12. Gabriela
    10:25 am - 3-5-2016

    Foxes have worked really hard.
    Well Done!

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