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Jan 21

William was a wonderful wolf. Every day he would ride his bicycle around the local village, waving at his friends who always greeted him with a warm smile. Early every morning he had a very important position that everyone relied on – delivering the post. He loved his job and thought that it was excellent exercise. On a cold and frosty morning the first address he arrived at was Rowena Rabbit. Although many thought that she was peculiar and strange, William saw the best in people and would always remember to say hello. At around quarter past seven he tapped on the lily pad of five frogs who used to be famous and star on a T.V. show. This was followed by a den of foxes, who often had deliveries of wire cutters, which William thought was odd. By eight o’clock he had visited 20 homes and only had three more deliveries left. William was excited to meet the three new residents of the town who had just moved into newly built houses.

When he arrived at the first house, he realised that the parcel would not fit through the letter box. Feeling cheerful he began to knock on the door. At that moment the straw built house began to shake. ‘Perhaps I should leave this with his neighbour,’ he thought to himself as the newly built house did not seem very steady. With the special package under his arm, he approached the house next door. This house was also built from an unusual material. He knocked on the door. As the sticks and branches began to shake vigorously, dust flew everywhere. William let out an enormous sneeze! The straw built house and stick built house fell to ground. William felt mortified. He knew that the town’s new residents were brothers so he approached the third house to apologise and explain.

William knocked on the door of the third house which was more ordinary and made of brick. “Please let me in,” he called through the letter box but there was no answer. William took his job very seriously and could not leave without delivering the special package. He saw a tall tunnel poking from the top of the house. He assumed that it was to accept parcels, as the moles has a similar system to deliver their post underground. The tunnel entrance was covered in a slippery, slimy goo. As he posted the package down the tunnel he accidentally fell in and found himself in a huge cooking pot with three cunning pigs staring down at him. Their evil eyes twinkled with glee as poor William drew his last breath. Their plan had certainly worked!

What do you think happened next?

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  1. Emma
    4:26 pm - 1-21-2016

    The three new resident were guilty (dum dum der)!!!!!!

  2. Adelaide
    7:07 am - 1-22-2016

    I think the three little pigs will have a big argument that they shouldn’t go to jail.

  3. Ava
    11:27 am - 1-23-2016

    I think the pigs got arrested for killing William the poor poor wolf.

  4. foxes
    9:14 pm - 2-1-2016

    Thank you for your predictions girls, you were all correct 🙂

  5. Mason
    4:33 pm - 2-2-2016

    It’s really good, how did you do it?!

  6. Ava
    7:32 pm - 2-15-2016

    The pigs must have got arrested !!

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