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Mar 01

Today Foxes discovered a range of materials laying on the beach. We learned that a mysterious iron man had fallen from a cliff earlier this morning but we were unsure which materials were part of his body. We knew that his body materials were made of iron so used the magnets to investigate magnetic materials.

Once we had sorted the materials we learned that steel and iron are magnetic metals but not all metals are magnetic such as copper, bronze and aluminium. We then sorted our materials into a venn diagram.


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  1. sofia
    7:28 am - 3-9-2016

    Wow you must be busy foxes

  2. isabelle
    8:18 pm - 3-21-2016

    We painted our own robot so that the iron man can have a kind wonderful companion as a friend .

  3. millie
    7:30 am - 4-30-2016

    This was an amazing topic!

  4. millie
    7:30 am - 4-30-2016

    This was really fun!

  5. AMY
    12:54 pm - 6-15-2016

    Nice pictures, we really enjoyed looking at the great facts.

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