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Mar 18

As part of our innovate week we had to research Iron Age Hillforts. We then used this research to design and make models of a Hillfort.

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  1. Miss Gosney
    7:08 pm - 3-19-2018

    What amazing hillforts Foxes! What do you know about Hillforts?

  2. isabella
    2:40 pm - 3-20-2018

    I loved making the hillforts it was so fun because I had friends to help me.

  3. cameron
    2:51 pm - 3-20-2018

    That they lived on hill forts to keep them safe

  4. Adeife :0
    2:57 pm - 3-20-2018

    How did they get stone Oh i think i know,
    they made wood pickaxes then stone then bronze
    (which is made out of tin and copper i think)
    then iron!

  5. Isabel
    5:42 pm - 3-22-2018

    They are made on hills.

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